Eve Apple Press provides a mobile juice pressing service. This service comes to you to press and make juice from your homegrown apples, pears and  grapes. Turning your excess fruit into delicious homemade juice or cider.

How it works

Bringing the mobile fruit press service to you takes away the hassle of transporting heavy fruit and helps to cut down on garden fruit waste.

Using a quick and efficiant  method, a 40 litre hydropress and electric apple mill, that makes light work of pressing  apples. The freshly pressed juice is collected in fermentation tanks, ready to be transferred into demijohns or glass bottles.  The bottles of juice are then pasteurised ensuring both a safe and long lasting product, whilst the juice in the demijohns is left to ferment into cider.

There is also  a 12 litre fruit press and hand mill for hire and can also supply demijohn(s), airlock, bottles  and other equipment by arrangement.

The process


Other services

  • Manual Apple press and mill for hire, for home and community events.
  • Concerned about fruit waste in your community? Organise a local event and hire Eve Apple Press to press juice for the whole community to enjoy.