Mobile Apple Pressing Service

Do you have excess apples that usually go to waste?

Eve Apple Press provides a mobile service to press your excess apples into your own delicious, Apple juice.

By pressing your apples into juice,  it reduces the volume of apples into a more useable and manageable product that can be easily stored and used when needed, for  drinking on its own, mixing a cocktail, cooking, making your own cider or giving as presents. 

The juice is pasteurised giving it a years shelf life. Alternatively you can freeze the juice.

If you do not want to use your apples then I am happy to come and pick them and take them away for you.

Turn your ‘waste into want’  Use your apples and try out the  apple pressing service at home or at a local community event.

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Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.


‘Turning waste into want​’