Eve Apple Press has grown from ideas developed whilst studying for an MA in Sustainable Design at Brighton University. Using my interests in jam-making as ways of preserving seasonal fruit for use in more frugal times and community traditions linked with the seasonal food harvest. My research led me to look at garden fruit waste, mainly apples, and how this could be more positively used by the householder as a solution to the annual glut of fruit that can end up rotting on the ground or compost heap. I conducted interviews with a range of people regarding their apples, commercial farmer, neighbours, forager, and older local residents to ask them about their experiences of seasonal fruit and its uses. Traditionally, much fruit would have been collected by families, or communities and made in to a range of seasonal preserves that could be stored. Nowadays however, lifestyles have changed and much garden fruit  gets left and goes to waste.

I realised that there was an opportunity to encourage householders to use their apples in a more effective way to make their own juice, and decided to start a mobile fruit pressing service. This provision would cut out the the potential problems of collecting and transporting apples to a location, which is time consuming, heavy, and requires a return visit to collect your ‘share’ of the juice. This service ensures that clients are instantly rewarded in having freshly pressed  juice, or alternatively cider produced with their own apples. The apple juice is pasteurised as part of the service, ensuring a safe and long lasting product. The left over pomace from the pressed fruit, can be put onto the compost heap or fed to pigs or chickens, making this a zero waste solution. 

My background is in Ceramic Design and teaching. Having taught DT and Art for the last 20 years in various schools in London, I decided to change career direction through studying Sustainable Design, an area that has been of constant interest. I continue to make Ceramics, and have begun to create fruit inspired, oral history podcasts from interviews with people in my community. 


‘Turning waste into want​’