Home Apple pressing service

Price List

  • Hire of ‘Eve Apple Press’ to provide equipment and process apples into juice, bottle and pasteurise.                                                                                                      £30 per hour
  • Supply of new 750ml bottles (can be re-used )                                                        90p each

(you can use your own glass bottles too, no bigger than 750 ml)

  • Hire of pasteuriser-                                                                                                     £30.00  

(if there are still bottles to pasteurise after the juicing/bottling process)

  • Can arrange to supply any other equipment needed for cider making
  • There may be an additional milage charge depending on your location.


Q – Why should I juice my apples?

A – Many Apples are unused and end up rotting on the ground. Apples are a fruit that are heavy in large quantities, take up lots of room and can be difficult to store. One way to store apples is by making them into delicious juice or cider. This takes up less room and provides a great ‘home made’ product to share with friends and family.

Q – How long will juicing take?

A-  It depends on how many apples you have and if you want to help out on the day. Usually I spend between 2- 5 hours at your home. You may want to make this into a family/friends event – its a really good activity for all to get involved with.

Q -What do I need?

A- An outside tap, electricity supply, wheelbarrow, possibly a compost heap, pigs or chickens ( pigs and chicken love apple pomace, but a compost heap is good too)

Q – Why do I need to hire the pasteuriser?

A – The juice will keep for a year or longer if pasteurised. It can take about an hour to pasteurise each batch.

Q – Can I use my own bottles?

A – Yes, it’s up to you. However, bottles should be 750ml or less with good fitting caps and should be clean.

I supply new 750 ml bottles with caps that will be airtight after the pasteurising process. You can invest in these bottles and then reuse them again next year, I will replace the caps the following year.

Q – Do you supply a cider kit if I want to make cider?

A- Yes